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Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Audio Recording, Electric Event Radio, Electrique Évènements Radio, Radio | 0 comments

Electric Event Radio Episode 001 – Derek Selinger

Electric Event Radio Episode 001 – Derek Selinger

Electric Event Radio Episode 001 – Derek Selinger by Eric Electric on Mixcloud

Electric Event Radio Episode 001 – Ft. Derek Selinger

Come listen in on Derek Selinger’s discussion with the Southern Alberta Canadian Disc Jockey Chapter. Recorded live on November 6, 2012 Derek touched on his career change (early in his performing career) from DJ to Master Illusionist.

He also shares his thoughts on the “Experience Economy”, opportunities for collaboration between DJs and entertainers, and understanding the value good DJs add to an event.

Derek draws on his experiences from training with the best magicians in the world in Vegas during his 20s, and now performing across the globe after being a full-time illusionist for the past 12 years. A few of his other talents also include writing, speaking, and film making.

Topics covered included increasing earning potential of all performers, the need for professional practices, and more!

Followed by an active question and answer period, there is something for everyone who works in the event industry to take away.

Recorded live November 6 from AXE Music Calgary

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