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About Me

Creative and EXPERIENCE Focused Entertainment

My Story

It all started with a friend asking for a little help…

During my first year of business studies at Mount Royal University in 2005, my best friend who did magic as a hobby asked for my help creating a fun video of his performances. (FYI My planned career path then was renewable energies. NOT entertainment of any kind)

David Blaine’s “Street Magic” series was super popular on television at the time. We set out to create our own home made Street Magic video Calgary style! By mid fall we had completed the video and started showing it to friends. It gathered enough interest, that we decided to start a business offering Street Magic entertainment.

My friend was the performer and I was the business manager. Over the next 2 years, we really cut our teeth and learned what it took to run a business! Sadly in the end the business failed and had a falling out with my best friend since childhood.

In June 2007 I started up a new booking agency to fulfill outstanding contracts, and work with other entertainers.

A couple years passed.

In 2008 I decided to take a crack at being a DJ. I had always loved a wide variety of music, and had been building a pretty good CD collection. With help from a few people, and lots of pre-planning I performed as a DJ for the first time in fall 2008. Then in March 2009 I performed at my first wedding for Saskia and Ian (who now have a family!).

Since then, A LOT has changed!

I quit my day job as a computer technician in Sep 2012 and have been performing full-time ever since!

I’ve performed at over 500 events, and I’m just getting warmed up! I’ve had the pleasure of performing for people of all nationalities and backgrounds across Canada.

I’m very thankful to have been guided by some of the best private-event DJs in North America. I have even job shadowed some of Disney World’s resident DJs in February 2014! In 2015 I sold off my shares of my wedding business to instead focus on corporate and family events.

It’s been almost a decade since starting on this journey, and am even more excited for what the next decade will bring!

-Eric “Electric” Fairlie

Meet Eric

Who Hires Me?

The type of person that I excel working with is looking for more than a “push play” DJ. They are seeking an EXPERIENCE that engages all the senses. I promise if you use all of my talents and expertise, your guests will be engaged from the moment they walk through the door, to the moment they leave.

The Eric Electric EXPERIENCE Concept

When all of my talents are matched with my drive for INNOVATION and CREATIVITY, the clients that hire me receive a one-of-a-kind comprehensive entertainment EXPERIENCE. For this reason, I like to call my performances THE ERIC ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE

Experience What I Do

Get A Taste For What I Do

Interested in getting a taste for what I do? Poke around this site or

Meet Me!

Let’s work together to put a SPARK in your event!

-Eric Electric

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