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Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

Please read closely. Terms can change from time to time. Terms found here may not be current with company policy. Please read your invoice/client agreement for the terms that relate to your specific event. If there is a discrepancy between the terms found here, and those found on your Invoice/Client Agreement – The terms found on the invoice/client agreement will override the ones found here.

Eric Electric operates on a strict ‘Pay or Play’ booking policy on all performances. Once Eric or another performer is assigned for your event, and Initial Payment is paid, you become contractual bound to all terms found here and in your Client Agreement. Eric Electric accepts bookings on a first paid, first reserved policy. An Initial Payment is due immediately upon booking Eric. A booking is not guaranteed without payment of an Initial Payment. If the agreed total fee is less than $1050.00, Full Payment of all fees will be required. Eric Electric at his discretion may request a pre-authorized credit card transaction in place of, or addition to an Initial Payment.

All fees and payments are non-refundable, except in very specific circumstances. Please see the “Better Than Broccoli” Guarantee for further details.

Should the client need to cancel a performance, they will be offered 90 days to reschedule. The rescheduled date must be within 90 days of the original agreed performance date. No refunds will be issued for cancelled performances. If a rescheduled date cannot be agreed to, than the full remaining payment of 100% of the agreed performance fee must be paid to Eric Electric. Full payment will be paid to Eric Electric not as a penalty but rather as compensation for loss of other business opportunities. Full payment in all cases must be made prior to the day of the performance. For rescheduled performances, full payment must be made within 90 days of the originally schedule performance date.

Interest and penalties will be charged weekly for late payments beginning the day immediately following the completion of a performance. Please see your invoice or signed client agreement for the exact terms and rates that apply to you. Eric Electric dislikes penalizing clients for late payments, so please pay on time. Penalties for late payments HAVE and WILL be enforced. Payment of the Initial Payment demonstrates your acceptance of late payment penalty terms.

Should the client simply request to reschedule the date or time of a performance, the same policy will apply as in the case of an attempted cancellation. Clients will only be allowed to reschedule a performance date to a limit of one time without additional penalties and charges. Should Eric Electric need to cancel or reschedule a performance due to illness, family emergency, death or Act of God; he will attempt to reschedule the performance, provide an equivalent substitute, or negotiate a suitable compromise.