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Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in News | 0 comments Launch Day is Here! Launch Day is Here!

Thank You

For dropping by to check out the Eric Electric Official Website

I apologize if this sounds like an Oscar speech…

Today,, and are launched. Today, Jan 15, 2013 is a day I will always remember.

It marks the completion of close to 2 years of planning and setbacks. But there was always an unceasing desire to create something new and innovative for the Canadian private event entertainment market. The struggle has been particularly personal. Well, because the product is me, and I’m still wrapping my head around that!

The last leg of this journey has been a sprint. Its incredible how everything came together on schedule, and at precisely the right time. I guess some of those Project Management classes I’ve been taking are getting put to use! But none of this would have been possible without the backing of others.

I owe the success of this project to Cristiano Morais. Programmer, designer, business consultant, and big brother. I love you man! 2013 is gonna be a great year, and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. Happy early birthday by the way! This is such an incredible accomplishment to mark your day.

Next I’d like to thank my parents, and siblings for their feedback on pictures, videos, and for offering a listening ear. Thanks to my nieces and nephews for being a constant source of quirky performing ideas.

A big thanks to my Grandma and relatives in Winnipeg. Thanks for letting me couch surf earlier this year. The 2 months away gave the creative space to piece my ideas for “Eric Electric” together.
Thank you to my Grandpa for teaching me to have the courage to think different from the status quo in the pursuit of acting on what is right and true. I share the same weakness for run wordiness and run on sentences and lots of other things.

Thanks to my estranged brother from Matthew R for getting me involved in this whole mess called “entertainment”. There isn’t a day that goes by, that I don’t regret not working out our differences almost 6 years ago. A huge part of you, will always be a part of me. My interest in Star Wars, Sci-fi, cycling and so many other things are because of you. I still plan to finish that potato gun someday.

Thank you to my brother Acetrife, for really putting the spark of magic and music into me. If you hadn’t been persistent in playing trance music in the car, I wouldn’t be a DJ today.

Thank you to Chris “McG” for giving me the spark in Sep 2012 to really push through. Your ideas and advice are embedded throughout this site.

Other friends I’d like to thank include Laura R, Grant C, Karla, Karin, Carolina, Priya, Annamaria S, and the multitudes I’ve missed.

Thanks to Laura C for your constant encouragement these past 8 years. And for believing in me at times when I didn’t believe in myself.

To the enormous number of mentors and performer peers I’m blessed to have guiding me. Particularly the “3 Robertketeers” (Hurricane, DJ Emotion, Robert W). I can’t forget Derek S, Barry K, Bryan P, Doug S., Dave T, Jason C, Paul S, The “Other” DJ Eric F, Tristan C, Tyler W, and Adam D. The Manitoba DJ Crew you rock too!

Many blessings to you! Love you all! Here’s to an amazing 2013 and beyond!

-Eric “Electric” Fairlie

PS. Thank you to all my past co-workers and managers at Acrodex. I do miss you guys and your questions about “what is it like to be a DJ”? Well it’s simply AWESOME!!!

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