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Chances are Good That You Have Questions…

…and that you have never hired a live entertainer before.

That’s OK! I’m here offer my expertise and help you every step of the way. Here are answers to the most frequent questions I’m asked.

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I have extensive training and qualifications as a Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, Wedding Coordinator, Project Manager and much more.
Would you like to see a few of my awards and certificates?

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  • Can you help plan or advise me about my event?

    YES!!! Please refer to my post on “Events in Full Sentences“.  A consulting component is almost always included with my fee for a performance. I have a decade of event coordination experience, am a WPIC Accredited Wedding Planner, and expect to complete my Project Management Professional (PMP) designation by 2015.

    I am qualified and very ready to help steer you through the hurdles of organizing an event of almost any size.

    1. Do you bring your own equipment? How much space and power do you need? Do you need a table?

      In industry-speak I come “Self-Contained” and follow the “Pack Small, Play Big” philosophy gained from my pre-DJ years working as a magician.

      Unless I specifically ask, I don’t need a table, chair, table cloth, table skirt, additional circuits of power, etc.

      I come packed with everything I need – I am a nerd about spatial, power, setup and stage efficiency. I also believe in taking as many hassles away from you as possible.

      In a pinch I can perform in a space the size of a broom closet. But will opt for a stage, if one is available and suits the event.

      What if I need to fly to your event? I got it covered. My show fits inside of a briefcase small enough to meet Canadian carry-on luggage standards!

    2. What type of lighting do you provide?
      Please note, that lighting should always be used to highlight a strong performance. It will never make a performance.

      Lighting can be heavily customized to themes, colors, and wacky ideas in general. If you are looking for a rock concert style, or something more classy and subdued, I can make both happen.

      But if you would like to see a sample of something basic (and non-customized) check out my Lighting FAQ Video post

  • How much do you charge?

    This is often the VERY first question I am asked by e-mail or telephone; it often makes me chuckle. The short answer is that I need to meet with you and determine your needs. I do not provide quotes without knowing all the important details. I also like to know a little about who you are as a person so that I can customize your performance

    I need to know things like audience size (is it 50 or 500 people?), location (I perform across Canada), the event’s significance (Wedding, Birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah) and so on.

    I only give out quotes after meeting or having an extensive discussion about the desired result you are looking for from your event. From client feedback surveys completed in 2013, the majority of my clients state that I contributed to over 91% of their events success.

  • What is your 4 hour rate? How do you bill for your services?

    As an industry entertainers, particularly DJs, have primed customers to expect to be billed according to the duration of a performance (for example a 4-6 hour long dance).

    However, the reality is that every event I do takes between 20-60 hours of work to complete. Including 12-20 hours just on the day of the event. Seeing me perform at the event for 3-4 hours is only 10% of the effort.

    I bill by the performance, its size, # of performance days, required preparation, performance requirements, and technical requirements. For a quote please arrange to meet with me.

    From client feedback surveys completed in 2013, the majority of my clients state that they received “Far more than the price paid” for my talents.

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    Yes I do. Hop on over to my “Better Than Brocolli” Guarantee

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