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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Public Performances, Videos | 0 comments

Garry Theatre Calgary 1932

In Winter 2011 I took on the challenge of performing a historical character peice at the Ironwood Stage and Grill. I decided to play Senator Patrick Burns. A performer friend of mine, Rob Lennard AKA The History Wrangler (), was working on publishing his second book. The books purpose is to teach local Alberta history to elementary aged kids in a fun and exciting way.

To commemorate the launch of his book, he put on a show at The Ironwood. The Ironwood was originally opened over 100 years ago in Calgary’s historic “suburb” of the age, Inglewood. Its seen its share of transformations including a pool hall for many years

From researching Sen. Burns, I learned so much about this incredible man. Most canadians have no idea of the vastness of his wealth or that his deeds helped build Canada into a great country. In Calgary dozens of buildings, parks, and other public spaces are named after him. I decided to portray Burns looking back on his life at the age of 70. This is a recording from a spectator in the audience. I threw in a magical twist of course…



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