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Better Than Broccoli Eric Electric Guarantee

The “Better Than Broccoli” Guarantee TM

In the DJ industry we have a saying, “Are you as a DJ better than Broccoli?”. This is because sadly so often at an event, a client will pay more for their veggie platter and midnight lunch (often $700-1500 so check your catering bill…) than they do for their DJ. The priority of this seems backwards.

Ask yourself. “What will your guests remember the most about your event? The wonderful broccoli and dip? Or the experience that was provided by the entertainment?”

I believe I deliver more value than catered broccoli. I will do everything in my power to ensure that this is the case for my entire career. But should I ever in some awful circumstance deliver less entertainment value than broccoli at a midnight lunch, I will refund your money according to the terms below.

And should I ever be worth less than the cost of broccoli, I will likely immediately cease working as an entertainer. I hope that day never comes.



Please read closely. Terms can change from time to time. Terms found here may not be current with present company policy. Please read your invoice/client agreement for the terms that relate to your specific event. If there is a discrepancy between the terms found here, and those found on your invoice/client agreement – The terms found on the invoice/client agreement will override the ones found here.

Eric Electric believes in creating and maintaining positive experiences for clients. As a result, he offers a Limited Satisfaction Guarantee for cases of a significant lapse in quality or delivery of service.

He reserves the right to deny refund requests. Refund requests must be made for legitimate and substantial reasons. These include but are not limited to Eric or the assigned entertainer missing the performance, showing up late, severely poor show quality, offensive material, unlawful conduct during the performance, etc. Eric Electric will offer refunds as a last resort to resolve a client complaint.

Should a client not be satisfied with entertainment services provided by Eric Electric, a portion or the entire fee will be refunded at Eric Electric’s discretion.

The refund process must be initiated by the client by notifying Eric Electric of their dissatisfaction in writing within 120 hours (5 days) of the completion of the performance. No refunds will be considered on performances where full payment has not been received from the client.