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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Capturing the Couple, Reception Ideas, Wedding Tips | 2 comments

IDEA – The Redneck Saskatchewan Wedding Reception

IDEA – The Redneck Saskatchewan Wedding Reception

I meet with dozens of couples every year. And all too often I hear things like, “Aren’t you supposed to always play YMCA at a wedding?”. My response is always something along the line of,

“You aren’t supposed to supposedly do anything. Its your wedding.”

It Comes Back to “Capturing the Couple”TM

What I mean is that your wedding is an incredible opportunity to be…YOU!!! Make it to reflect who you are, even down to wearing Batman Converse Sneakers (true story from 2012). I understand that there can be pressures to fulfill customary and expected rituals. It’s understandable and healthy for your family dynamics that some compromise from your vision might be required. But I encourage you to give yourself “permission” to run free with creating fun moments and activities at the wedding based upon your identities.

I admit that my clients, often aren’t average. But then again, I try not to be an “average” wedding DJ/entertainer 😉 I try to be a fun and creative one that helps create lasting experiences.

Recently, I put together some ideas for Kate and Colin on special moments they could create at their reception. Kate and Colin are Saskatchewananians by birth. However, they grew up and live in Calgary. They still love the rural life, camping, country music and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders football team! Kate loves figure skating and has worked as a figure skating coach. Colin is a huge NASCAR fan and likes hittin’ the muddy 4×4 trails.

Here are the ideas I cooked up for them and shared with their wedding party…

Idea 1 – Name that Hick Tune

If Kate and Colin are having a buffet, make who gets to eat first a small fun competitive game. Create a contest around having guests hear 4-5 second clips of Kate’s favorite country songs. No “Shazaam” allowed. The table who guesses the song clip correctly, gets to go up to the buffet for food. Repeat until all tables have been called up for the buffet. Even have the MC give away small silly prizes as tables are called up. Use these prizes in a later game.

Idea 2 – Celebrity Table Names

Instead of boring numbers to identify tables, give the table the name of a famous Figure Skater, NASCAR driver, or Country Artist. The MC will keep a room layout map with him, and it will have the special table names. For example, “Elvis Stojko’s table, you are now free to go up for desert.”

Idea 3 – Farmer Style

Somehow fit in the Farmer parody of Gangnam Style into the evening. (Kate stated she adored it on her facebook wall) Maybe even have the bridal party do a flash mob. Dance props will include straw cowboy hats, cowboy boots, stuffed animal cow, hay bale, A Cardboard cut-out of a 4X4 truck, and other similar items. Make absolute sure there is someone dressed as a Saskatchewan Rider fan in the flash mob!!!

Idea 4 – Rider Pride Wedding Crashers

While toasts are being done, have the MC introduce that there will be a small toast from a group of very special guests. This is the cue for 3-4 guests to run into room dressed as Rider fans. Have them really excited and give a giant sports-like toast, “Whoo, we’re so excited for Kate and Colin to play for the same team!!! We know they will be an UNSTOPPABBLE FORCE! I tell ya, Stamps are going DOWN!!! May they score many touch downs, and avoid fouls.”

What will be the big deal? Rider fans show up to everything anyways!? Hockey, baseball, and now weddings!

Idea 5 – NASCAR Grand Entrance!!!

From what I can tell Colin is a huge NASCAR fan. So the MC with the proper preparation, could introduce them as if a NASCAR race was beginning to start. The bridal party and guests would be given checkered flags to wave. “Ladies and Gentleman…Start your engines! Wave your flags, in welcoming…..Kate and Colin Wilkes!”

So…What Are YOU Gonna Do Now?

What do you think? How are you planning on making your reception reflect you? Let’s talk.



  1. Those are some pretty original wedding ideas! Love it.

    • I’m glad you like them Kate. For every client, I go through a similar process, to ensure that no 2 weddings are alike and that it fits with the identity of the couple. -Eric

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