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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Audio Recording, DJ, DJ Mixes, Melodic Mysteries, Mystère Mélodique, Radio | 0 comments

Melodic Mysteries Podcast 001 – Coming 2013!!!

Melodic Mysteries Podcast 001 – Coming 2013!!!



3 Years in the Making…

Its been 3 years since coming up with the idea for this podcast, with lots of false starts. I’m excited to only be a few weeks away from releasing my first “Melodic Mysteries/Mystère Melodiques” podcast. The first episode is set for release in January 2013.

To be honest, this is very much a personal project. I hope by sharing it, it will expand the listeners perception and understanding of music.

The real podcasts will be an ongoing exploration of the mystery of how music can have enormous impact in our lives. Melodic Mysteries will feature the kind of music you WON”T hear me play at a wedding or corporate function!

This preview podcast has a few of those tunes snuck in, but its still very much geared to the mainstream crowd – A massive cornucopia of music. That’s just how I roll out my mixes!

Funny enough, the way this mix even came together is a mystery! While, cleaning out my computer I found this gem from some unknown date, time and occasion. Not sure if I recorded it live at an event, in the studio while practicing, while sleep walking, or simply by magic! The mix is technically far from perfect, but still a lot of fun.

Please leave your comments. Check back in January 2013 for the first official episode of Melodic Mysteries!





PS. If having trouble seeing the Mixcloud widget, go to Your computer requires flash to play this recording (I know using Flash is not perfect, but I am working on some alternatives…)

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