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Posted by on Jun 29, 2013 in Event Experiences | 0 comments

My Most Memorable Experience as an Entertainer

My Most Memorable Experience as an Entertainer

Imagine – You’re attending the Life Celebration of a close friend’s grandmother.

A few weeks ago, your friend’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and is about to commence chemotherapy treatment. However, her chances of recovery are very low. So the family decides to throw 1 last big party for Grandma. They would rather celebrate her life, instead of grieve her likely departure.

And so 1 evening, 4 generations of Grandma’s family come together from across North America, 1 more time. 200 relatives in all.

They want to say grace 1 more time together, share 1 more meal together, tell Grandma 1 more time how much they love her. 200 times in all.

Grandma sees the baby pictures of her great-grandchildren 1 more time, Grandma hears her grand-daughter sing to her 1 more time, and Grandma dances her wedding song 1 more time with the man she married 50 years ago.

She is left in wonder 1 more time by magic, laughs herself silly 1 more time, and makes sure she “cuts a rug” on the dance floor 1 more time!

1 month later, Grandma passes away. But with 0 regrets and a knowing how much she is loved. Unconditionally. 200 times over.


This above story is true.

I had the honour to play a role in it. I will always cherish knowing that I helped make Grandma’s Life Celebration beautiful, joyous, and powerful in meaning. It challenged me in every way to balance the joy of celebrating a life lived to the fullest, and the grief of knowing their time was coming to an end.

It is the most moving experience of my career as an entertainer that I will never forget. I live for experiences like this, where I can assist create meaning to an experience.

My work places me in the private lives of others. They ask me to use my creative talents for their benefit – I would be honored if you were to ask me to do the same.


Grandma dances, 1 more time with her husband to their wedding song from over 50 years ago.


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