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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Capturing the Couple, Wedding Tips | 0 comments

What is Capturing the Couple? TM

What is Capturing the Couple? TM

Written by: Eric “Electric” Fairlie
December 5, 2012

In the wedding industry there is a peculiar term that is frequently used by photographers. That term happens to be “Capture the Couple”.

I’ve adapted it to describe a couple’s desire to greatly personalize their wedding. I LOVE how in 3 words it sums up my philosophy on performing at weddings. So simple!

Over the years I’ve been fine tuning the concept of “Capturing the Couple”TM into a proven process. It’s what makes my approach vastly different from many peers. Yes, I play music like other DJs, do many similar magic tricks to other magicians, and may repeat a knock knock joke you’ve already heard; but the delivery is far more meaningful.
Because everything I do, is meant to be a reflection of you.

Please note, this approach is not for every couple. But for those who desire their Wedding Day to be a “living photograph”, following the Capturing the Couple process guarantees this outcome. It also helps break free from following set stereotypes or the latest trend. It forces the often forgotten question of “WHY?”.

Why do you feel like you need to do a garter toss? Why do you want Pachabel’s Cannon in D played for your walk down the aisle?

The questions to consider are “WHAT?” and “HOW?”. What makes you each unique as people? WHAT makes you unique as a couple? And finally, HOW can I help showcase YOU at your wedding through the entertainment.

Step 1 – Brainstorming

The brainstorming starts for me the second you pick up the phone and call me! Its 877-780-7469 just in case you feel suddenly compelled. I will ask you a few questions to get a sense of your occupation and interests. You may have a ton of ideas already, like
“I want to have the Batman Returns theme played during a candle ceremony. It will culminate at the clashing of the cymbals and ringing of the church bells. At that moment we’ll raise our lit candles in the air like super-heroes!”. That is a true story from Sheila & Greg’s wedding in July 2012. And I helped made it happen!

If you don’t have any existing ideas, then that’s OK. The “Capturing the Couple”TM process is designed for you!

Step 2 – Audition Meeting – > Becoming Acquainted

Have you ever been hired for a job without an interview? Likely not. The should apply for most entertainers, and wedding vendors. You need to “audition” them and discover which is the best fit for the job opening you need to fill. Are you prepared to trust your most important to a stranger?!

I’m a big believer in face to face service. As much as possible, I always try to offer couples the opportunity to meet me before booking. When you’re in the people business like me, its just good practice! We’ll also touch on some brainstorming and uncovering who you are

Step 3 – Audition Meeting – > Packages and Pricing

I prefer to keep the Audition Meeting casual and more about getting comfortable with each other. My track record speaks for itself, so I try to avoid awkward sales pitches. If you like me and what I do, then I hope you’ll hire me!

We will of course discuss service options, packages, and pricing. I like to keep things transparent and straightforward. I hate the “up sell” approach to business. I like to know when I buy something, that it includes everything I need to work. My services are the same. While going deluxe is not always possible, my basic package has got you covered with plenty of flexibility!
Step 4 – Planner Creation, Site Visit & Event Leadership

Many couples I work with do not have event planners to coordinate their reception. However, they desire someone to lead their guests, wedding party so they can be guests at their own reception. While, I am not a substitute for a wedding coordinator (but am presently completing my professional wedding coordinator accreditations) I can act as your Master of Ceremonies. A good MC is similar to a Wedding Day Coordinator, except in addition leads the entertainment for the day. And a 3rd party MC like me has no interest in digging up the skeletons in your closet.

In order to do this I use planning tools, and a proven process to track the itinerary, activities, coordinate special moments, etc.

Step 5 – Meet Vendors and Site Visit

I will also make every effort to meet with the venue’s staff and take pictures of the hall several months before your wedding. This practice has prevented many wedding nightmares and unwanted surprises!

I will also try to become acquainted with as many vendors as possible over the phone. If a Wedding Coordinator has been hired, I will also try to meet with them.

Step 6 – Production Meeting & Wedding Dress Rehearsal

2-4 weeks before the wedding we’ll meet once again. Finalize bridal party participants, ceremony rituals, reception activities, important music cues, itinerary changes, moments needing rehearsal, etc. If you’ve hired me to assist at the Ceremony, then we’ll also confirm the wedding rehearsal date. I do everything I can to make sure I’m present for the rehearsal.

Step 7 – Your Wedding!!!

If all the previous steps have been completed, your Wedding will come together as envisioned. The essence of who you are will be shared in a fun, beautiful, and memorable way. It will be a uniting experience that you and your guests will forever cherish!


Capturing the Couple is about making your Wedding Day a living photograph of who you are as people and a couple.

Copyright 2012. Eric Fairlie and Quicksilver Entertainment Inc.

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